How a UK Guarantor can Actually Save you Money 

If you’re looking to rent in the UK, you’ll most likely be asked to provide a UK rent guarantor. It sounds complicated, but rest assured it’s not. Explained in short, this is an individual that is prepared to be responsible for your rent, in the case that you default on a payment. Using a service […]

5 Ways A Rent Guarantor Can Help Landlords


Understandably, one of the biggest fears for landlords when renting out their property is the potential risk of costs if a tenant fails to pay rent or cover expenses incurred for damages in the duration of their tenancy. Luckily, rent guarantor services like Housing Hand are here to provide a solution to help prevent landlords […]

The Top Ten Scary Renting Terms: Explained

Nothing says October quite like a scary movie marathon or a haunted house that gets your adrenaline pumping and your heartbeat racing. Halloween is best known for all things spooky and scary. Well, and sweets (or as I would say “candy”). Lots and lots of candy. While the world may never come to a consensus […]

Risks Standing As Guarantor

What Are Parents Risks Standing As Guarantor? Parents are being warned about the potential financial risk standing as guarantor for their children in shared student accommodation. This is because they could face large debts if housemates fall into rent arrears. Joint and Several Agreements Under ‘joint and several’ tenancy agreements, all tenants and their guarantors […]

Embrace tenant feedback to avoid disputes and enhance satisfaction

We embrace feedback so we can always improve

Inventory Hive aims to bridge the gap between tenants and BTR providers through better engagement Build-to-rent landlords and managers will know the headache that comes with check-out disputes, most commonly disagreements over deposit deductions, which can sap time and create ill-feeling. Inventory Hive aims to make what has long been a painful process simpler and […]

Housing Hand launch University of Bristol guarantor service

Housing Hand launch University of Bristol guarantor service

Bristol Guarantor Service provided by Housing Hand and the University of Bristol Housing Hand, the award-winning UK rent guarantor service are happy to announce that we have teamed up with the University of Bristol to create the Bristol Guarantor Service. We have teamed up with the Bristol University Accommodation team and the Bristol Students Union to […]

Top ten Tenancy Facts you need to know!

Want to move into a student house but unsure of the things you need to look out for? In this blog, we are going to be giving you the top ten tenancy facts and rights in student housing. It’s worth first clarifying the difference between a private rental and an HMO. An HMO (House in Multiple […]

Five years of Housing Hand, the UK rent guarantor service!

Celebration of five years of Housing Hand, the UK rent guarantor service

As the first and leading rent guarantor service, Housing Hand turning five marks the affirmation of a valued new service and the importance of the international student market in the UK. Happy Birthday! As we wish a very happy fifth birthday to Housing Hand, it is worth reflecting on how their success is representative of […]


….AND WE HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED TO WIN AGAIN! At Housing Hand UK guarantor service we are always pleased to receive positive feedback, whether from our applicants’ hundreds of fantastic Trustpilot reviews from happy tenants and accommodation provider partners or, in this case, from the UK’s leading estate agent awards – The Negotiator Awards. We are […]

Who Can Be A Rent Guarantor?

Who Can Be A Rent Guarantor.

If you are looking to rent accommodation in the UK then you will most likely require a rent guarantor. This is a requirement that most landlords and accommodation providers require. If you want to know more about what a guarantor is, read our article on ‘What is a guarantor?’ If you know what a guarantor […]