Inventory Hive aims to bridge the gap between tenants and BTR providers through better engagement

Build-to-rent landlords and managers will know the headache that comes with check-out disputes, most commonly disagreements over deposit deductions, which can sap time and create ill-feeling.

Inventory Hive aims to make what has long been a painful process simpler and more transparent. The company’s software – a paperless reporting platform accessible by desktop or app – enables property managers to effortlessly handle the tenant check-in and check-out process on a cloud-based system in which all reports are stored, creating an audit trail and minimising the likelihood of a dispute when the tenant moves out.

A key function of the software is tenants’ ability to interact and upload issues by taking and uploading a photo of a stain on a carpet that was there when they moved in, for example, which will be saved as proof that the damage was caused by a previous occupant. Launched in the summer of 2015, the software dovetails with the changing relationship between tenant and landlord in which the former is increasingly treated more like a customer than a rent-payer.

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