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What is it?

We guarantee rent for more people in the UK than anyone else, and work with more letting agents and landlords than any other company. 

Use our free House Finder Service to connect with agents that will help you find the perfect property and already accept Housing Hand as a guarantor.

How does it work?

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Whether you are a student or working professional, looking for a rental flat or house, our House Finder Service means you don’t have to worry about paying rent upfront, because we’ll be your guarantor. Let our agents work for you. Just add your details and they’ll be in touch with properties to suit you. Follow the simple steps below to start.

What to expect

House Finder Service

After adding your requirements and clicking ‘Generate matches’ we will show you all the agents that match. Don’t worry if nothing shows up, you just need to expand your search. 

We notify our agents that match, that one of our customers is looking for a property. They will then look to contact you by sending an in-platform message or calling you if you added your contact number. 

You can also contact the agents directly using our platform messenger or the contact details we will provide on the matches page. Our friendly agents will help you find the perfect place and make sure you have everything you need.

Some of our partner Agents

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Watch this demo video and we will show you step by step how to use the House Finder Service.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.  

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We work hard to be the best rent guarantor service around, doing everything we can to help our customers. But everyone’s story is different, so hear from our amazing community about their guarantor experience.

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We work with some of our agents to offer their properties direct on our website, enter your requirements to see what’s available. You can also Jump the Queue and get our panel of agents to work for you! 

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Student Castle, Lincoln

1 Bed

Known as a historic city with a vibrant and contemporary edge.

Location: Lincoln

PCM: £470

Asa Briggs House, Capitol Student

1 Bed

Asa Briggs House is a high-quality student accommodation within Leeds City Centre.

Location: Leeds

PCM: £652

Hampton Square, Capitol Students

1 Bed

Hampton Square has great links to the vibrant city centre and both Universities!

Location: Southampton

PCM: £632

Clifton & Stewart House, Capitol Students

1 Bed

Clifton & Stewart House offers you excellent high-end student accommodation,

Location: Glasgow

PCM: £588

Sharman Court, Capitol Students

1 Bed

Sharman Court is stylish and affordable located in an ideal location in Sheffield City.

Location: Sheffield

PCM: £400

Saw Mill, Huddersfield

1 Bed

Located opposite the River Colne, Saw Mill is the perfect place to be if you’re a student.

Location: Huddersfield

PCM: £433

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