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International students and working professionals can easily get a rent guarantor or find a property thanks to Housing Hand. Our embassy partners use our award-winning rent guarantor service to ensure their citizens don’t have to worry about a UK guarantor when renting.

What is it?

We are a UK based rent guarantor service
Housing Hand acts as a rent guarantor service. We are the only award-winning UK rent guarantor service offering fully comprehensive cover of rent, damages and dilapidation's for both students and working professionals.
We work closely with embassies
If you have a student or working professional who is seeking to rent in the UK and are in need of a rent guarantor then Housing Hand can help. Our embassy partners simply point their citizens in our direction and we provide the rent guarantee on their property. We can also work with you to report on progress for your applicants and ensure a smooth transition with local accommodation providers.
Peace of mind
As an award-winning rent guarantor service you know that anyone you send our way will be treated with care and respect. We will use our years of experience to provide a quick and easy process to speed up and simplify their rental journey.
A partnership to suit you
All of our embassy partnerships can be tailored to serve the unique needs of each embassy and their citizens. We believe that securing a UK rent guarantor should be simple and with Housing Hand it is.
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The Benefits


Partner with the best

Housing hand provide a simple, worry-free experience which means you can recommend your citizens to us, safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after.


You can act as co-signer

All of our customers require a co-signer to use the Housing Hand rent guarantor service. Our embassy partnerships allow embassies to act as the co-signer if required.


Flexible Arrangements

Whether it be a student or working professional our rent guarantor service covers periods from 6 -12 months and can be easily renewed to go beyond that.

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Common Questions

What does Housing Hand guarantor service cover?

Housing Hand will cover whatever is specified in the signed guarantor agreement. This includes service cover for any rental default as well as other costs incurred, such as extensive damages or Joint and Several liabilities.  

Can a guarantor back out?

No. Once the AST and Guarantor Deed have been signed, Housing Hand are bound for a fixed term of the tenancy, so no worries there.

How long do we guarantee any given tenant for?

This can vary. Housing Hand guarantees both student tenants and working professionals. The tenant length for a student is typically for a 12 month period and working professional tenants for 6 to 12 months.

What Embassies say about us

We’re incredibly proud of the service we offer and think it makes us the best rent guarantor service in the UK. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what some of our embassy partners have to say.

Housing Hand Reviews

Embassy Registration

Registering with Housing Hand as an accommodation provider partner is the best way to get the most out of our UK guarantor and tenant referral services.