Housing Hand, the only UK guarantor company offering a secure and reliable insured international guarantor service in the UK for students and working professionals are expanding internationally, to Europe, Asia and the Far East!

As the leading UK guarantor company, we have looked for new ways to improve our service by aiming to assist applicants in their home countries before the point of coming to the UK. To do so, we have just opened an office branch in New Delhi, with the intention of expanding exposure in India and improving the application process for Indian tenants looking to rent in the UK and hoping this will increase the number of Indian students and professionals moving to the UK.

We have also formed a partnership with 51Offer in China, the largest provider of Chinese students to UK universities. A formal partnership agreement was signed in Shanghai and Housing Hand is working closely with 51Offer to further expand the Housing Hand brand in China.

We have been surprised with how much demand there is for guarantor services outside the UK.  We have met with many universities and accommodation providers who are keen to reduce their financial risk and widen the pool of potential tenants.

We are looking to become the first international guarantor service with plans to launch in Ireland later this year, followed by a roll out to France in early 2018 and America in 2018/2019.

The rental markets overseas are very different from the UK and there are obvious legal and operational challenges ahead of us.  However, we see real demand for our service in France, as thousands of UK nationals, both students and professionals are renting there.

Housing Hand provides the UK’s only secure and reliable insured UK guarantor service for students and working professionals who require a UK guarantor. We work with in excess of 3,000 accommodation providers; stands as guarantor for tenants from 141 countries; and have had over 50,000 applications. Housing Hand is pleased to help international students; graduating university students; professional school students entering the workforce; employed non-UK residents; self-employed persons; and UK students with responsible parties to secure rental accommodation.

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