If you are looking to rent accommodation in the UK then you will most likely require a rent guarantor. This is a requirement that most landlords and accommodation providers require. If you want to know more about what a guarantor is, read our article on ‘What is a guarantor?’

If you know what a guarantor is but are finding it hard to work out who could act as yours, read on because, as usual, Housing Hand have all the answers.


A rent guarantor can usually be anyone between the age of 18-75 who is a UK resident, who is in and does not have a poor credit history. For many this is a parent, relative or friend but for thousands of people every year, especially international students and working professionals, this person can be hard to find.

This is where Housing Hand UK rent guarantor service can help. We currently act as rent guarantor to thousands of students and working professionals who could not find a suitable guarantor of their own. If you are unable to find someone who meets this criteria or want to know more about guarantors, their requirements and responsibilities give us a call on 0207 205 2625 or send us an email. The Housing Hand team are always happy to help.

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