How to find a great place to live.

place to live

Here at Housing Hand we are regularly asked to help students to find accommodation. We have lots of expertise in assisting students, in particular, find a place to live. Housing Hand provide a free House Finder Service where you can find a small selection of properties here and get in touch with agents and landlords […]

Happy Renting with Housing Hand.

If you are a student then it is very likely that you will be renting the place you live. However, over the last 10 years, it has become much more common for people in general to rent their home. In the UK around 5 million people rent, which is almost 100% growth in a decade.   […]

Housing Hand Acquires UK Guarantor and Partners with Accommodation for Students

We’ve got some good news! We have acquired UK Guarantor, the UK’s second-largest rent guarantor service, (have a guess who the largest is?) This means we can reach and help even more UK renters. As part of this acquisition, we have also taken UK Guarantor’s place as Accommodation for Students’ referral partner. This new arrangement […]

The University of COVID-19


The global spread of the coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of normal life. Industries of all sizes have been impacted leading to layoffs and furloughs, with unemployment on the slow rise most household finances have and will continue to be pushed into uncertainty. An area of significant impact  is the confusion within the UK […]