County Durham is an excellent place to live, and extremely popular for students as it is home to one of the top-ranking Russel Group Universities. Just three hours from London and only two hours from the beauty of Scotland it’s famously known for its UK landmarks, including the Majestic Durham Cathedral and the Norman Castle. The University campus and surrounding areas of Durham are also renowned for featuring in the Harry Potter films. Its array of market towns, beautiful scenery, unique villages, and coastlines make it a very popular tourist destination, and the dream spot to rent. It has something for everyone – It’s so idyllic that even we struggled to pick the best spots! 

In this student and professional friendly renting guide, we’ve rounded up the most affordable and popular areas to rent in Durham. So, if you’re ready to make the leap from halls, looking to try out new surroundings, or moving to Durham for the first time, we’ve got you covered.  

Church Street

Church street is extremely popular with students due to being close to the lecture halls. Alongside this, it is surrounded by popular roads Hallgarth Street, and Church street which are the main roads that are between the science site and the centre of Durham. It’s perfect as it’s very close to local places for food and drink, and you’ve also got local stores and a big Waitrose nearby. 


Also extremely popular with students, Claypath is an excellent location for renting. The road runs from the centre of Durham making it the perfect spot for a walk to University. Food is never in shortage here, as you’ve got Claypath Delicatessen, Tesco, Waitrose, Bimbi’s and Pizza king right on your doorstep. 


Crossgate is one of the oldest areas in Durham, and is a great residential area. Popular with professionals, the majority of properties in Crossgate are terraced houses making it a little more suburban. The city centre is still only a five-minute walk away, and it’s home to some students as it’s within walking proximity to lecture halls and the University. 

The Viaduct 

This is definitely the most popular area for students renting in Durham. It is filled with lovely spacious houses, (perfect for house shares!) and is based at the end of North Road, which is conveniently near to the train station. Surrounded by food shops and eateries, you’re around a 15-minute walk away from the University, and with bigger properties to rent, it’s understandable why this area is so desirable. 


Allergate is a small area in Durham’s city centre, situated in the heart of Durham’s nightlife where you can easily access plenty of trendy bars, restaurants, and shops on foot. This area is popular with commuters as it is close to the train station. Newcastle is only around twenty minutes by train, which runs extremely regularly between the two cities. 


Gilesgate is a great option if you’re looking for something located a little more outside of the main centre. Situated just outside the main hub, it is still close enough to be considered part of the city, but it definitely has a community of its own. It has everything you need, with two retail parks, supermarkets, great pubs and public transport links, making it very popular with both students and professionals. 


If you’re looking to escape the city completely but still be a stone’s throw away, Consett is the perfect option for you. Located just a 20-minute drive from the centre of Durham, the Metro Centre, and Newcastle, it’s the perfect quiet spot to rent in Durham. Surrounded by countryside, it’s a host to the UK’s most popular cycle route the Coast to Coast – making it perfect for adventure seekers.   

Housing Hand is proud to be partnered with Durham University to help make the renting process easier for its students, both international and UK-based. By using Housing Hand’s service, students avoid the need to produce 6-12 months of rent upfront (which is often the case when a UK-based guarantor can not be secured). This makes the renting process a lot more financially feasible and helps to secure the students of Durham their dream accommodation. 

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