Housing Hand is proud to be featured in a recent article by the UK Property News Hub, after being labeled as ‘fighting fit’ from the pandemic. The feature recognises the positive growth of Housing Hand throughout the Global pandemic, including new services as a result of investment during the lockdown.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses on a colossal scale over the past year and a half. The first lockdown in 2020 saw companies facing an extreme amount of uncertainty and forced them to adapt with no indication of long-term implications or when ‘normal’ life would resume. Fortunately, Housing Hand was able to look ahead and plan for the longer-term future. By understanding and preparing to do things differently with this new ‘normal’, we were able to launch an exciting host of new services such as our Partner Portal and House Finder Service.

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director at Housing Hand had the below to say on the company’s growth:

From shaping new roles within the business to mapping out enhanced and additional services, we have used the pandemic to design Housing Hand around long-term growth potential and operational health. The result is that the business has emerged from the pandemic fighting fit thanks to careful planning and investment in the future. This means we can better serve landlords, letting agents, student renters and working professionals alike.

By adapting to the current economic climate, and the impacts that this has had on the property and rental market, alongside additional investment, our new portfolio of services are here to help benefit all parties in the rental process. The new tools complement our rental guarantor service, making the process even more simple and straightforward, which is necessary after such a negative impact on the industry post-pandemic. Housing Hand’s House Finder enables landlords and agents access to a free platform that connects them with prospective tenants. The service is incredibly efficient and eliminates time-wasting by providing the ability to specify the type of tenants they are seeking, (for example, students or working professionals). All of the properties listed on the platform also accept Housing Hand as a guarantor, so the process is incredibly easy for all parties.

Earlier this year Housing Hand also announced the Partner Portal service, which is an innovative way for accommodation providers to connect with new customers and ultimately bring more sales. As mentioned previously, Covid-19 caused a massive loss in revenue for businesses and accommodation providers, so our mission was to find a way to help reclaim that. The service is completely free and enables potential tenants to search for properties in that area that already accept Housing Hand as a Guarantor. As an accommodation provider, if you fall into the catchment area you’ll get their details to follow up with them directly.

As the leading UK rental guarantor service, we are constantly striving to provide new services and tools to landlords, letting agents and tenants across the UK and Ireland. At Housing Hand, our goal is to make the process of renting and finding a guarantor seamless and easy for all parties. By factoring in the new economic uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, we’ve expanded our offering to enhance the overall rental experience.

James Maguire, Head of Sales and Business Development had the below to say on our new offerings:

Covid-19 introduced significant turbulence for businesses across a wide range of industries. However, we are delighted to have responded robustly with new roles – including my own! – and new services that will improve the rental experience for all those involved in it. We’re also thrilled to be on the brink of sharing additional service and partnership news in the coming months.”

We’re excited to announce further partnerships and additional services in Q4 of 2021 and to continue to meet the needs of renters, landlords, and letting agents.

To read the full article written by the UK Property Hub News click the following link: https://thepropertygroupsite.com/2021/09/17/housing-hand-emerges-fighting-fit-from-the-pandemic-with-

If you’re a student, working professional, landlord, or accommodation provider, we’re here to help. Find out more about how our services including our guarantor service, House Finder Service, Partner Portal, and Only My Share could benefit you. For more information get in contact via our website here, or check out Housing Hand’s knowledge base, which has plenty of free information and our most frequently asked questions.