The new term is approaching and as a result, your UK Study Abroad preparation should be in full-swing. The days are getting shorter while your study abroad checklist is bound to be growing longer. Planning ahead of time is the key to making the most of your UK study abroad experience, therefore preparing for your upcoming international adventure may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, things just became a lot easier. Continue reading to find the essential UK study abroad checklist!  

First UK Study Abroad Tip: Tie Up Loose Ends at Home

Before you leave for the UK it’s important to have things sorted out at home. Trust me, this will make your life easier while you study abroad and when you return.

-Speak with your academic advisor at your home university.

-Find a subleaser or end your housing contract at home.

-Sign up for next semester’s classes.

-Apply for study abroad scholarships.

– Make sure your passport is in date for the whole duration of your stay and if not, renew it!.

-Sign up for an international phone and data plan.

-Buy travel insurance.

-Give your bank notice of international travel.

-Make copies of important documents.

Second UK Study Abroad Tip : Begin Planning in the UK

Studying abroad in 2018 means you’re able to do things like book weekend trips and secure your housing before you’ve even boarded your flight thanks to the internet. Before you leave, check out the Housing Hand Rent Guarantor service to make your UK housing experience safer and easier and avoid paying 6-12 months rent upfront!

-Make sure your Student Visa is valid.

-Contact your UK University.

-Secure housing and roommates – Housing Hand have a Free House Finder service to help.

-Locate your home country’s embassy within the UK

-If you’re planning on driving, apply for an International Driving Permit, but this may not be necessary because the UK has good intercity train and coach transport links and you certainly won’t need a car if you’re living central London!

-Research the exchange rate and save accordingly.

Third UK Study Abroad Tip: Pack Your Bags!

Once you’ve tied up loose ends at home and started planning within the UK it’s time to pack. Every study abroad student is different and consequently, each student will end up packing differently, but here are some general items that you don’t want to forget.

-Universal power adaptor

-Clothes you can layer easily to accommodate changes in the weather  

-A reminder of home, like a small photo album.

-Power cords, chargers and memory cards (double and triple check!)

-An umbrella and rain jacket

-Comfortable walking shoes

Lastly, remember that no matter how much you prepare, things might not always go 100 percent according to plan, and that’s OK. While planning and packing as efficiently as possible will certainly make your time abroad run more smoothly, any international adventure includes a few bumps in the road. Keeping a level head and positive attitude makes a world of difference. Before you know it, you’ll be a study abroad veteran with tons of advice and travel stories of your own!

This article about “The Essential UK Study Abroad Checklist” was written for Housing Hand – the Award-Winning UK Rent Guarantor Service by Ameena Debboun. For more information on how Housing Hand can help you secure your rented accommodation, visit or call 02072052625.

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