2022 Rental Market Predictions

2022 Rental Trends

It’s no surprise that the rental market is still re-adjusting after the massive impact of the global pandemic. But what does this mean for the future of renting? Below, we’ve gathered together our rental market predictions for 2022. Grainne Gilmore, the Head of Research at Zoopla reports in a recent article that for the duration […]

Why should letting agents partner with UK guarantor service Housing Hand?

letting agent

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest challenges for letting agents when finding new tenants is ensuring that their guarantor is in place should they be a student, moving from abroad, or even a working professional. The Coronavirus pandemic has had an immensely negative impact on the rental sector, adding to these difficulties. Now […]

Rent Guarantor vs Rental Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantor

Collecting rent from tenants and ensuring that monthly outgoings are covered is understandably the biggest concern for a landlord. There are two popular options, a rent guarantor or rental guarantee insurance, which can be implemented at the start of a tenancy agreement to support both tenants and landlords, by underwriting any financial losses incurred if […]

How to market your property to Generation Rent.

According to recent figures, the average house price in the UK is £234,742. Brexit notwithstanding, property values are now rising again. As expected, there are wide geographical variations – the North East (£130,688) is at one end of the scale, which contrasts sharply with property prices in the capital (£471,504).   Who is generation rent? Millions […]

Housing Hand Sleep Out & Mustard Tree

Homelessness is not just a current issue in the UK, it is a growing problem. To put the growth into perspective, it has been estimated that the growth was northwards of 250% since 2010. In 2010 the number of people ‘sleeping rough’ was estimated to be 1,768 on any given night. By 2017 this number […]