Homelessness is not just a current issue in the UK, it is a growing problem. To put the growth into perspective, it has been estimated that the growth was northwards of 250% since 2010. In 2010 the number of people ‘sleeping rough’ was estimated to be 1,768 on any given night. By 2017 this number had multiplied to 4,751 on any given night . This works out to be around 8.5 people per 100,000.* 

A large portion of the data is based strictly on those people who are ‘sleeping rough’ and does not include the sheltered population. This alone is staggering and is a perfect reason on why the work with Mustard Tree and other charities is so effective. At Housing Hand we look to help the community best we can. We are more than a guarantor and help as many people as we can in order to provide the opportunity that people need to obtain the property they want. 

*information was gained from the following source:https://ourworldindata.org/homelessness-rise-england


Mustard Tree & Roy Parish 

Housing Hand has been supporting Mustard Tree (an organisation helping to combat poverty and homelessness based in Manchester) for three years now. For more information visit the Knutsford Guardian article about Housing Hand’s involvement with Mustard Tree.

Roy Parrish is our regional manager and for the past three years Roy & Housing Hand have been helping raise awareness for people experiencing homelessness. Roy has helped raise money to support the charity. Combating poverty and prevent homelessness growing across the Greater Manchester area. 


How you can help! 

Roy Parish is hosting a Mustard Tree & Housing Hand sleep out for the second year in a row. The event will be taking place on Saturday 16th of November 2019. It will at the Barclays Bank in Wilmslow starting from 7pm and ending at 7am. If you wish to help Roy & Housing Hand support Mustard Tree in combating homelessness in the area then here are some ways you can help.

Last year, over £1,400 was donated by Roy & Housing Hand for Mustard Tree, along with 14 sleeping bags for use in the charity’s community shops. Roy & Housing Hand hope to do much better this year and want your support to do so.

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