Studying Abroad in the UK: The Challenges, Differences and Lifestyle Changes

Jenny Jones, a U.S. Exchange Student from Columbia University discusses her five top tips for ‘Studying Abroad in the UK’ based on her experience as an American student living in the UK. Read on for great advice applicable to anyone coming to live in Great Britain. Studying abroad is one of the more rewarding and overwhelming […]

Top ten Tenancy Facts you need to know!

Want to move into a student house but unsure of the things you need to look out for? In this blog, we are going to be giving you the top ten tenancy facts and rights in student housing. It’s worth first clarifying the difference between a private rental and an HMO. An HMO (House in Multiple […]

Five Reasons Why London Ranked Best for International Students

London currently holds the title of number one city in the world (BBC) for international students. The birthplace of The Rolling Stones and David Beckham beat 125 major cities for the top spot. International students make up over a quarter of the London’s student population, and that number is quickly increasing thanks to the city’s rich […]

Foodie Guide Leicester

If there is something we all love unconditionally, it is food, and Leicester has an amazing collection of places where you can eat out as a student. After a grueling day of lectures and assignments, you may be too tired to cook and instead opt for a dinner at your favourite place. Read on for […]

The Four Best Places for Studying in London

A Cultural Hotspot If you are studying in London, then you are one very lucky student. As it is one of the world’s largest cities and cultural hotspots, boasting students from all over the world in every area you can imagine, there is no shortage of study spaces across the London area. From libraries and […]

Five years of Housing Hand, the UK rent guarantor service!

Celebration of five years of Housing Hand, the UK rent guarantor service

As the first and leading rent guarantor service, Housing Hand turning five marks the affirmation of a valued new service and the importance of the international student market in the UK. Happy Birthday! As we wish a very happy fifth birthday to Housing Hand, it is worth reflecting on how their success is representative of […]


About Housing Hand UK Guarantor Service

Heard of us before, or just want to find out more about Housing Hand? Well here is all you need to know about the UK’s only secured and reliable guarantor service. About Housing Hand – in the beginning… Housing Hand was created when our founder, Jeremy Robinson, was at University. He saw that many of his friends […]


Congratulations! You are about to enter the new and exciting world of university and now need to move out of your parents house. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life as a student. Whether you are coming from abroad or a city nearby, you will have to prepare for moving in. […]


If you are planning on renting anywhere in the United Kingdom you will most likely need to provide a UK guarantor. First, you will need to know the answer to the question; what is a guarantor? The simple answer is someone who is prepared to pay your rent should you default but there is slightly more to […]


1. BE SURE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR When it comes to looking for property in the UK to rent and make your new home, you first need to start with what you want! Firstly, make sure you align your thoughts with anyone you might be sharing accommodation with.  Secondly, make sure you […]