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If you are studying in London, then you are one very lucky student. As it is one of the world’s largest cities and cultural hotspots, boasting students from all over the world in every area you can imagine, there is no shortage of study spaces across the London area. From libraries and cafes, to accommodation and museums, there’s something for every type of student to relax, enjoy and get some serious learning under their belt. Read on for our 4 most recommended study spaces in the city of London…

The Stay Club

Something to consider when planning your studies in London is your accommodation. If your place of living also happens to be an adequate learning space, then you could save yourself both money and valuable study time. Thankfully, in ‘The Stay Club’ such a place exists. Complete with a variety of different living options, study spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, relaxation areas, games rooms and much more, this is the perfect place to centre your studying in London from start to finish. It is also conveniently located in three different but equally desirable locations across London in Camden, Colindale and Willesden, giving you further choice in your learning plans.

The British Library

With 150 million items within its great walls, including the 2nd largest book hoard on the planet, The British Library is an absolute must-visit for anyone undertaking any kind of research for their studies. Even if you’re just looking to work, being encircled by such surroundings and its incredible material should provide more than ample inspiration for your efforts. The British Library is free for all to enter, and students over the age of 18 can even acquire a reader pass online, in order to access the materials they require.

Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is the largest cultural arts centre in the United Kingdom. Boasting cinema screens, film festivals, music, bookshops, libraries, bars, restaurants and probably anything else you can think of – the Southbank Centre needs to be seen to be believed. With access to such a rich breadth of culture right in the centre of London, you should have no problem getting into the mindset to further your studies. There’s also library and quiet spaces for learning within the centre, so you can really make the most of this genuinely invigorating venue every time you choose to visit. Be prepared to visit many times, as you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Foyles Bookshop Café

For somewhere a little more casual and chilled out, you can’t go wrong with a good café. Foyles is special because not only is it a trendy, laid-back space to enjoy a coffee or two, but it’s also a bookshop. Sat atop numerous floors of countless books and study materials, the top-floor café is a super relaxed hub for lattes and learning where you can pull up a bench, take out your laptop and shut everything else out as you embark on your latest project.

Relax and Fulfil Your Potential!

Choosing your ideal studying spots and getting comfortable with them as you settle into the London life will prove to be a crucial cog in your new routine. Use the recommendations laid out above to make this transition a little smoother and enjoy the fruits of your significant labour a bit more. Learn to your heart’s content, but try to have some fun doing it and you’re likely to come out the other end a more fulfilled person. The places we’ve written about here are the 4 best locations to try and study in London with style. Enjoy!

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