Rent Guarantor vs Rental Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantor

Collecting rent from tenants and ensuring that monthly outgoings are covered is understandably the biggest concern for a landlord. There are two popular options, a rent guarantor or rental guarantee insurance, which can be implemented at the start of a tenancy agreement to support both tenants and landlords, by underwriting any financial losses incurred if […]

The Top Ten Scary Renting Terms: Explained

Nothing says October quite like a scary movie marathon or a haunted house that gets your adrenaline pumping and your heartbeat racing. Halloween is best known for all things spooky and scary. Well, and sweets (or as I would say “candy”). Lots and lots of candy. While the world may never come to a consensus […]

Housing Hand is Fighting Fit

Housing Hand

Housing Hand is proud to be featured in a recent article by the UK Property News Hub, after being labeled as ‘fighting fit’ from the pandemic. The feature recognises the positive growth of Housing Hand throughout the Global pandemic, including new services as a result of investment during the lockdown. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted […]

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Student Digs

Student Digs

Their student dorm room is the first home away from home for many young people, often in a new city. If you are in the same boat, first of all, congrats! An exciting and thrilling part of your life is about to unfold.  But more importantly, you might already be thinking about all that you […]

Our House Finder Service

House Finder Service

We’re excited to announce that off of the back of the launch of our new partner portal, our new free House Finder Service has been featured in FE News. The Free House Finder Service is a new tool that makes it even easier for students and professionals across the UK to find their ideal homes. […]

5 helpful tips for studying abroad

It’s excellent that you are considering studying abroad, it can be exciting and daunting all at the same time! As you don’t know where you’ll want to start. Studying overseas will open up doors for you to explore and opportunities to learn about different cultures. You will be exposed to new ideas, able to strengthen […]

What is a Rent Guarantor?

Rent Guarantor

When renting in the United Kingdom, often you will be required to provide a UK Rent Guarantor. But what is a Rent Guarantor? Put simply, this is a person who is prepared to be responsible for your rent, should you default on a payment. The term may seem daunting, but we’ve pulled together all of […]

Will there still be a high demand for UK Guarantors post-pandemic?

UK Guarantor

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the rental market across the UK. Due to extensive job losses, businesses closing down and increased redundancies, landlords and tenants across the UK have understandably struggled with financial stability and making their usual rent payments. Despite all of this financial uncertainty, Housing Hand still recorded a […]

Housing Hand’s 8th Year

Since Housing Hand’s birth in 2013, we have grown to be the market-leading rent guarantor service in the UK. What started out in a small London office with three employees was an idea to help international students rent in the UK has now grown to a company of over 30 employees, an Irish Guarantor Service, […]

Why do UK Students need a Rent Guarantor?

COVID-19 continues to disrupt the UK Rental market place, despite the ongoing pandemic we managed to see a noticeable increase in demand for a UK Guarantor between November 2019 to November of the following year.  Primarily our service is used by International Students studying at UK institutions,  but we saw an surprising 12% increase in […]