We’re excited to announce that off of the back of the launch of our new partner portal, our new free House Finder Service has been featured in FE News. The Free House Finder Service is a new tool that makes it even easier for students and professionals across the UK to find their ideal homes. Letting agents and Landlords are able to set their preferences for the kind of tenants they are seeking, and then students are able to be paired with providers of accommodation who are specifically searching for that demographic as tenants. 

In combination, our tools which include Housing Hand, our knowledge base, our Partner Portal and our free House Finder service all help make the process of renting, and getting a guarantor smooth and affordable for students, professionals and agents alike. Keep reading below for more information on how our free House Finder Service works. 

How exactly does it work?  

When finding accommodation as a student or professional, it is extremely common to hit the hurdle of not having a guarantor when you’ve found a property you’d like to rent. At Housing Hand,  we’re the largest provider of rent guarantor services in the UK, and our Free House Finder Service connects you to all of the agents who will accept us as a guarantor. The service is simple to use  with these easy steps: 

  1. Enter the requirements for your matches; for example location, maximum distance from the location, a budget including weekly or monthly rent payments etc.  
  2. Create an account. This is a quick process that takes just a couple of minutes – we will then match you to agents that accept Housing Hand as a guarantor in your chosen area, that match your required needs. 
  3. Our agents will get in contact with properties they think will be the best fit for you – if you add your number the process will be even faster.  

After you’ve added your requirements and clicked search, we will generate the matches. From here, you are able to expand your search. We then notify our agents, and you’ll receive an in-platform message or phone call. You can also contact the agents directly using the platform’s chat service, and our friendly specialists will be here to help you every step of the way. 

All of our partner agents are conveniently based around the UK, and we have guaranteed rent for more students and professionals than anyone else in the country. We are proud to work with amazing partner agents like Digs, Student Cribs, John Hilton & Hove Lets. Our free House Finder  Service means a choice of thousands of agents for tenants and the perfect leads and matches for agents. 

In the recent article in FE News, James Maguire (Head of Sales and Business Development at  Housing Hand said the following:

“We wanted to take some of the pain out of the property finding experience. Searching for a new home can be a really stressful time, particularly when you’re relocating to a new area to study or haven’t lived outside of the parental home or halls of residence before. By providing a free  service to connect students with agents in a way that matches both parties’ requirements, we’re  making renting easier.” 

At Housing Hand we are on a mission to make renting easier for students, professionals, and agents. The free House Finder Service is just one of the range of tools that we have available. Our Partner Portal, which is built for our agent partners, has Our free House Finder Service built-in,  making it easier and faster for agents to generate leads. Tenants searching through our service do not need to pay their rent upfront and are able to be approved through the portal directly which speeds things up for both parties. 

Our nifty knowledge base is completely free and provides information to help educate students, landlords, and universities about how Rent Guarantors work and what their role is. Only My Share is our sister company, and allows students in shared housing to not be liable for their other housemates’ rent should one member default on a payment. 

To read the full article on our free House Finder Service featured on FE news, click the link here. For more information on how a rent guarantor works visit our  Knowledge base here. To find out more about how our Free House Finder Service works, or to start the process of finding your perfect accommodation, click here.