Private Landlord’s safety responsibilities…

Everyone has a right to feel safe in their home, including those renting privately. Private landlord’s have a duty of care to uphold for their rental properties just as renters have a duty of care to look after the property. However, the safety of the property falls towards the landlord. What are the private landlord’s […]

Embrace tenant feedback to avoid disputes and enhance satisfaction

We embrace feedback so we can always improve

Inventory Hive aims to bridge the gap between tenants and BTR providers through better engagement Build-to-rent landlords and managers will know the headache that comes with check-out disputes, most commonly disagreements over deposit deductions, which can sap time and create ill-feeling. Inventory Hive aims to make what has long been a painful process simpler and […]

Top ten Tenancy Facts you need to know!

Want to move into a student house but unsure of the things you need to look out for? In this blog, we are going to be giving you the top ten tenancy facts and rights in student housing. It’s worth first clarifying the difference between a private rental and an HMO. An HMO (House in Multiple […]