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UK, EU and International students alike have found providing a qualifying UK rent guarantor a hurdle when renting in the private sector. Housing Hand has partnered with universities around the country to alleviate this issue for students.

What is it?

We are a UK based rent guarantor service.
Housing Hand acts as a rent guarantor service for international and UK students. We are the only award-winning UK rent guarantor service offering fully comprehensive cover of rent, damages and dilapidation's for students who cannot provide a qualifying rent guarantor.
We partner with universities.
We can create a bespoke service for your University. This is essentially a white label product, where the University actively promotes the service to their students and Housing Hand provides integration, co-branded application pages with an affiliate link, as well as marketing materials.
Providing value to your students
By partnering with Housing Hand and establishing a Guarantor Service ALL students applying from your University pay a reduced fee. We undertake all the administrative requirements and remove the need to set up a designated team or employ additional staff.
Safe, secure and financially insured guarantor service.
Universities that partner with us take on no financial risk. We take the financial risk and our liabilities are backed by quality insurance companies. Housing Hand can be referenced as a guarantor with companies such as HomeLet, Lettings Hub, Rent4Sure etc.
Housing Hand Partnerships


Tenancy Agreements
All tenancy agreements are checked for fairness and suitability by our dedicated team. We sign the accommodation providers guarantor deed and therefore are accepted by all. We accept tenancy agreements with Joint and Several Liability.
Dedicated Partnerships Manager
We assign all of our a Universities a dedicated partnerships manager who will work with you to answer any questions or discuss any concerns. They attend your Universities Housing fairs to advise students about the issues of renting in the private rental market.
Information Partnerships
We provide relevant information about the issues relating to guarantors by supplying the Accommodation, International, Welfare and Student Union departments with information materials & brochures along with our expert advice. This is the basic level of service we provide to over 20 UK Universities.
Referral Service
Universities actively refer Housing Hand to their students who cannot provide a guarantor with direct web links on the relevant University Accommodation, Advice and Student Union web pages. This is the preferred relationship of over 50 HEI across the UK.

Guarantor Service

We cover everyone
All students from the UK and abroad can use the service, irrespective of whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate student at University. Therefore Housing Hand complies with EU discriminatory laws.
Guarantee Length
We can stand as a guarantor for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. The student must renew for the Housing Hand service once their guarantee has expired after the 12 month tenancy.
How does the student apply?
To apply for the service the student must start a Housing Hand application form on our website www.housinghand.co.uk and select their University.
What happens if a student can't pay their rent
If the student is unable to pay their rent, they must contact our Credit Control team at Housing Hand, so that they are able to work with the student. They are contactable on 0207 205 2625 or via email on [email protected]
University Guarantor Service

The Benefits


Partner With The Best

Using Housing Hand will provide a seamless, worry-free experience for students and parents alike.


More Attractive To International Students

Help your University stand out to international students by providing them with an award-winning guarantor service.


Sort Accommodation Before They Arrive

Using our House Finder service students can find rental properties who will accept Housing Hand as their guarantor.

Some of our University partners

Bristol University Guarantor Service min

Bristol University

Housing Hand are proud to work with the University of Bristol, read on for more information about our University Guarantor Service that helps UK and International students.

Salford Manchester University Guarantor Service min

Salford University

Housing Hand are proud to partner with the University of Salford, read on for more information about our University Guarantor Service that helps UK and International students.

Goldsmiths University Guarantor Service

Goldsmiths University

Housing Hand are proud to partner with the Goldsmiths, University of London, read on for more information about our University Guarantor Service that helps UK and International students.

Durham University

Housing Hand are proud to partner with the Durham University, read on for more information about our University Guarantor Service that helps UK and International students.

Lincoln Student Union

Housing Hand are proud to partner with the Lincoln SU, read on for more information about our University Guarantor Service that helps UK and International students.

Common Questions

How does Housing Hand help students exactly?

Renting in the private sector can be a challenging time and one of the biggest financial strains for students. We are here to support students who cannot secure housing. Also, to help them afford to pay in advance because they do not have an eligible UK rent guarantor.

How many Universities do Housing Hand work with?

Housing Hand currently works with over 100 Universities, who are looking for ways to provide more support and better service for navigating the lettings market.

Will Housing Hand attend a Universities student fair?

Yes. Housing Hand would be thrilled to attend your housing fair and student events! We always arrive in a good mood, fully prepared to share valuable information about our guarantor service.

What Universities say about us

We’re incredibly proud of the service we offer and think it makes us the best rent guarantor service in the UK. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what some of our university partners have to say.

Housing Hand Reviews

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Universities Registration

Registering with Housing Hand as an accommodation provider partner is the best way to get the most out of our UK guarantor and tenant referral services.