Go Depositless

Deposit-Free renting from Housing Hand

Deposits are expensive and finding the money for one can mean you miss out on your ideal property. 

So go deposit-free and don’t pay one.

Instead pay a fraction of the cost and get the same cover by using us.

Why wouldn’t you go Depositless?




Apply Now and follow our easy step-by-step guide. You’ll need to be already using our Guarantor Service which means we’ll have most of your details, so this won’t take long.



We’ll speak to your accommodation provider and if they agree, you’ll be able to use Depositless as the deposit provider for your new home. Only paying £25 upfront.



You’re done! So sit back and enjoy deposit-free renting, knowing that we’ve got you covered, and use the time so see what other benefits joining Housing Hand has brought you.



To be able to enjoy deposit-free renting you’ll need to already have joined Housing Hand and be using our Guarantor Service. If you’re not already you can Apply Here.

A few details & £25

The great thing is, if you are already using our Guarantor Service we’ll have all your details and your accommodation provider’s – so we can move your application along quickly. We’ll only need a few further details and a payment of £25.

Small monthly payments

Depositless helps you access the property you want, without the need for a deposit. Instead you only have to pay small monthly payments throughout your tenancy, inline with your rent. 


A small, monthly fee and you can move in

Rather than having to pay a large deposit, you can feel free move in using Depositless. We only need an application fee of £25 then after that you only pay the equivalent of 20% of one month’s rent (minus your initial £25) and you pay that fee in small chunks, every month, inline with your rent. 

We’re the only company offering monthly payments and we’re the cheapest too! 

Percy with coins


What if I need some of my deposit?

If you or your accommodation provider requires some of your deposit then we will provide it. It’s what you’re paying for and we’re here to help you when you need us. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Will my landlord accept Depositless?

We will get in contact with your accommodation provider ourselves, so that’s one less thing to worry about. We can’t guarantee they’ll accept it, but with a trusted, proven provider like Housing Hand backing you, you will stand a strong chance.

Can I use this without your Guarantor Service?

Unfortunately not, Depositless is only available to those who have already joined Housing Hand. It’s one of many benefits to joining us, you can view others here






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