5 Ways A Rent Guarantor Can Help Landlords


Understandably, one of the biggest fears for landlords when renting out their property is the potential risk of costs if a tenant fails to pay rent or cover expenses incurred for damages in the duration of their tenancy. Luckily, rent guarantor services like Housing Hand are here to provide a solution to help prevent landlords […]

Going through Clearing – The Step by Step Guide

Clearing…..It’s not the end of the world! Sooo you’re reading this for a few reasons:  You’re crazy organised and you’re already covering yourself in case the unthinkable happens and your results don’t go as planned. Results day is approaching and you’re beginning to stress about your results. The day has arrived, you’ve missed out on […]

How To Stay Stress-Free At Christmas

Christmas can be an incredibly stressful time of year for many people. After all, there’s the pressure of trying to create the ideal Christmas, the stress of not knowing which presents to buy, and the overwhelming amount of money you’re likely to shell out. That’s not even mentioning the current levels of tension around the […]

The 9 Best Gift Experience Ideas for Christmas

The 9 best gift experience ideas for Christmas

Now that summer is out of the way and the weather is gradually getting colder, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  Love it or loathe it, Christmas is a time for friends, festivities and, perhaps most importantly, food. It’s also a time where families gather to share stories and presents while seeing out the […]

Holidays Are Coming…The Best Things To Do Around The UK At Christmas.

Unless you’re Scrooge, who doesn’t love Christmas? A time of drinking too much, spending out on things you can’t afford, and eating more than your body weight in pigs-in-blankets, chocolate and egg-nog – what’s not to like? All jokes aside though, the festive period is also the ideal time to catch up with friends, family […]

Mental Health Causes & Remedies.

What is Mental health. Life affects everyone differently. Everyone will go through a difficult time at some stage. Emotion is the human way of dealing with struggles we face, and sometimes negative emotions can be a healthy response to challenges we face. Mental health includes our emotion, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we […]

Summer in the UK: London’s Rooftop Bars

As much as we love the busy streets and dark pubs of London. Sometimes you need to get above all of that and change scenery, right? So why not elevate your evenings and visit the many rooftop bars of London. Enjoying the summer sun or a starry skyline, shaken or stirred, bites or meals, London […]

London Festivals you can’t miss this summer.

Everyone knows that loading up a car, catching the train or even getting on a plane and walking through muddy fields can be hard work. So here is a list of London festivals that are only a tube ride away giving you the option to get home and avoid the early morning sweats of tent […]

Top Tips to get your full deposit back!

It is nearly time for tenants to move out of their rented properties before the summer, and the most important thing to a tenant is getting their full deposit back. So how do you get your full deposit back? Here are a few tips on how to achieve this: 1. Clean the house We can […]

Student budgeting – 5 Apps To Help You!

Apps to help you start budgeting

Becoming a student brings more obligations than you’ve ever had to deal with before. Of course, you have much more freedom than you had when you were still living at home. It’s imperative for every student to find the right balance between freedom and responsibilities. One of the key prerequisites for reaching that goal is […]