Renew your rent guarantor service to save

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To keep us as your UK Guarantor

Renew your UK Rent Guarantor today and secure your property for next year. All you need to do is pay a £75 application fee and we do the rest. Don’t pay a pound more until the next tenancy starts. Whether you are staying in the same place or looking for new property to rent with a new letting agent, renew now to avoid the stress of sorting it last minute. If you are staying in the same property and your contract roles over, your rent will no longer be covered, so it is important to renew with us.

How to Renew

We have introduced a new portal recently, allowing both students and working professionals to easily manage all things Housing Hand. If you are looking to renew with us, and you have not yet created an account within our new portal, click below and choose ‘create account’ to set one up in minutes and to apply for your renewal period. If you have created an account already, simply login and click Renew within your dashboard.

Remember, you do not need to be staying in the same property or with the same accommodation provider. You can also renew your rent guarantor service if you are changing from being a student to a working professional and you also don’t have to wait until your tenancy is ending!

Please note that if you do not have an account within our new portal, you will have to create one to renew with us.


When did you create your account?

If you made your account before 13/05/2021 then we need you to log in to our old platform.