<strong>The best areas to rent in Durham</strong>

Best place in Durham

County Durham is an excellent place to live, and extremely popular for students as it is home to one of the top-ranking Russel Group Universities. Just three hours from London and only two hours from the beauty of Scotland it’s famously known for its UK landmarks, including the Majestic Durham Cathedral and the Norman Castle. […]

How Brexit will affect UK and EU students?

Brexit & UK

The 2016 Brexit referendum caused a lot of uncertainty for every part of society. Higher education is not immune from the repercussions, and UK Universities are seeing a massive impact. But what exactly does Brexit mean for both Universities and international students?  Understanding how Brexit affects international students applying to UK Universities is extremely important. […]

Build to Rent Sector in 2022

Build to Rent

As renters are returning to cities post-pandemic to enjoy normality once again, Housing Hand predicts that the Build to Rent (or BtR as it may sometimes be seen) will be one of the major housing trends of 2022. Investors and property developers are racing to meet the demand of the desired urban lifestyle through a […]

Celebrating 9 Years of Housing Hand!

This week, Housing Hand is celebrating 9 whole years of service. We are incredibly proud to be the UK’s market-leading guarantor provider and are honoured to mark our rapid growth over the years. Starting out as only three employees in a small 4th-floor office in Mayfair, we have since scaled the team to require offices […]

Why should letting agents partner with UK guarantor service Housing Hand?

letting agent

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest challenges for letting agents when finding new tenants is ensuring that their guarantor is in place should they be a student, moving from abroad, or even a working professional. The Coronavirus pandemic has had an immensely negative impact on the rental sector, adding to these difficulties. Now […]

5 Ways A Rent Guarantor Can Help Landlords


Understandably, one of the biggest fears for landlords when renting out their property is the potential risk of costs if a tenant fails to pay rent or cover expenses incurred for damages in the duration of their tenancy. Luckily, rent guarantor services like Housing Hand are here to provide a solution to help prevent landlords […]


Rent Guarantor





Housing Hand

Housing Hand 很自豪能夠在英國房地產新聞中心最近的一篇文章中出現,因為它在大流行中被貼上了“抗擊健康”的標籤。該功能認可了 Housing Hand 在整個全球大流行期間的積極增長,包括由於鎖定期間的投資而產生的新服務。冠狀病毒大流行已經影響 […]

6 種方法來美化你的學生挖掘

Student Digs

他們的學生宿舍是許多年輕人的第一個家外之家,通常是在一個新的城市。如果你在同一條船上,首先,恭喜!你生活中令人興奮和激動的部分即將展開。但更重要的是,您可能已經在考慮所有 [...]