How Brexit will affect UK and EU students?

Brexit & UK

The 2016 Brexit referendum caused a lot of uncertainty for every part of society. Higher education is not immune from the repercussions, and UK Universities are seeing a massive impact. But what exactly does Brexit mean for both Universities and international students?  Understanding how Brexit affects international students applying to UK Universities is extremely important. […]

Build to Rent Sector in 2022

Build to Rent

As renters are returning to cities post-pandemic to enjoy normality once again, Housing Hand predicts that the Build to Rent (or BtR as it may sometimes be seen) will be one of the major housing trends of 2022. Investors and property developers are racing to meet the demand of the desired urban lifestyle through a […]

2022 Rental Market Predictions

2022 Rental Trends

It’s no surprise that the rental market is still re-adjusting after the massive impact of the global pandemic. But what does this mean for the future of renting? Below, we’ve gathered together our rental market predictions for 2022. Grainne Gilmore, the Head of Research at Zoopla reports in a recent article that for the duration […]


Who Can Be A Rent Guarantor.



Growing Demand For UK Guarantors



Finding Accommodation For Internationals