Corporate social responsibility

CSR at Housing Hand

At Housing Hand we are ‘more than a guarantor’ and we strongly believe in giving back to the community. Here are a few ways by which we do that:

We value bringing people together and have sponsored AFC Selwyn football club for two years now.

Giving back to the community

Housing Hand has been supporting Mustard Tree (an organisation helping to combat poverty and homelessness based in Manchester) for three years now. For more information visit the Knutsford Guardian article about Housing Hand’s involvement with Mustard Tree.

Roy Parrish is arranging a sleep-out for Mustard Tree on the 16th of November 2019, to help raise money for people experiencing homelessness. This is the third time Roy & Housing Hand has helped support the charity to combat poverty and prevent homelessness across Greater Manchester. Last year, over £1,400 was donated by Roy & Housing Hand for Mustard Tree, along with 14 sleeping bags for use in the charity’s community shops. Here are some ways Mustard Tree have helped homelessness is the past.

If you would like to donate and support Roy & Housing Hand achieve their fundraising goal, come to the sleep out or use the link below – THANK YOU!

Giving access to as possible

Care leaver and estranged student service

Our partnership with Salford University helps a vulnerable aspect of the community, care leavers, who would not be able to rent privately without Housing Hand. There are two types of care leavers: estranged students and care students. Estranged students are students who haven’t had any contact with their parent or guardian for a specific period of time before the academic year and therefore need support (more information on UCAS). If you are in need of more support contact your university to find out if they offer any facilities that could help you.



Part of giving access to as many as possible, we work with embassies such as the Oman Embassy. Helping those who would not be able to find a guarantor in the UK and welcome them into our country.


Local authorities

We have a special relationship with Cromwood-Bexley Council to ensure that as many people can have access to our UK guarantor service as possible.

Ensuring all our staff can embed corporate responsibility through our organisation’s values, culture and business activity.

Therefore implementing our corporate responsibility through the Housing Hand training, policies and procedures and overall people management. This ensures our commitment to the community.

Allowing Housing Hand to instil our corporate responsibility from our managers to all staff within the company, and externally to our clients.